Gaming and History workshop wrapup

Our workshop on gaming and history last Thursday was well worth it. A nice bunch of people from different areas, all making for a very enthusiastic meeting. Someone was so kind to create a storify, so learn all about it here:


We hope we can follow-up on this in due course.


Gaming and History workshop programme

Playing with History: A workshop on gaming and history

University of Huddersfield, 12 Nov 2015

Organised by the History Division and the Digital Arts and Humanities Research Group. Venue: University of Huddersfield, Queensgate Campus, Business School building, room BSG/19.

For last minute changes please see and Any questions, contact:


09:45                     Registration

10:00                     Welcome

10:15                     Panel Session 1: Theory and Research

  1. Alex Mosley (University of Leicester): History and Gaming: an Alternate Reality?
  2. Alex Bridger (University of Huddersfield): Psychogeography, Class War-Games and History
  3. Eve Stirling (Sheffield Hallam University) & Jamie Wood (University of Lincoln): Gaming Past and Place: Perspectives and Methods from a Research Project in History and Design

11:00                     Coffee Break

11:15                     Panel Session 2: Practise and Technologies

  1. James Chilton (University of Huddersfield): Historical Accuracy within Video Games, Achievability and Compromise
  2. Mads Haahr (Trinity College Dublin): Riff or Revival: Engaging with Culture Through Location-Based Augmented-Reality Gaming
  3. Venu Tammabatula (Gamar Ltd): The Gamar App: Gaming Made Easy for Museums

12:00                     Lunch Break (BSG/21)

13:00                     Introduction to Round Table Sessions, formation of tables

13:30                     Round Table Session 1

14:30                     Tea Break

14:45                     Round Table Session 2

15:45                     Wrap-Up

16:00                     Official end of workshop

18:00                     (Optional) Dinner in town